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EN MULTI COAT SDN BHD was established since year 2010 and fully specialized in kitchen and bathroom refinishing waterproof coating. Our branches are located throughout almost Malaysia. Quality of service and the commitment of the directors and staff have ensured that our customer retention rate is among the highest in the coating industry.

We provide several services such as Epoxy Flake Coating, Epoxy Spray Coating and Granite effect spray coating. Our company make a revolution in the waterproof sector by NO hacking and the whole process of job done only take 4 to 6 hours. We also ensure clean and tidy work environment during the installation. Our products have the advantages such as waterproof, anti slip and seamless surface that can apply on floor or wall and other concrete surface for home and commercial areas.


Epoxy Flake Coating is a process that apply additional layers to the existing surface such as concrete tiles, woods or metal. First, we will grind the existing surface then wash and dry. After that we apply the first layer of epoxy resin follow by the second layer of color flakes. Lastly, we will apply the last layer of epoxy resin to protect the surface . Our Epoxy Flake Coating helps to rigid, strengthen and reduce degradation of your property.

Polyurethane(P.U) Spray Coating is another product we normally provide to hotels sector. We help to refurnish the surface of the hotel properties such as bathtubs and basins. As an operating hotels, they couldn’t suspend their business. With our product and efficient service, we given the bathtubs and basins a completely new look rather than wasting time for changing basin and hacking the bathtubs.

Granite Effect Spray Coating is our latest popular product and start a new trend in industry sector. We also the 1st company in Malaysia that invented this product that can substitute wall painting. Granite Effect Spray Coating is easy to maintain and able to last for years compared to painting for indoor and outdoor walls. The most important is the outcome surface almost same as the granite stone and bring you a extremely different visual attraction.




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